What is a Franchise Business

What is a Franchise Business

One of the most difficult decisions you will ever make is to start a new company. You must first know What is a Franchise Business, develop a great idea, then plan your marketing, branding, sales, and recruitment strategies. Then, before obtaining finances to realize your goals, you must concentrate on the product strategy.

Doesn’t it seem to be a lot of effort? A franchise can help you with this.

I’ll describe what a franchise is, how it operates, and what you’ll need to get started with one in this article. Let’s look at how a franchise business opportunity might benefit you and how it compares to starting your own company.

What is a Franchise Business

A franchise business is one in which the owners or franchise operations sell the rights to operate the firm’s trademark, model, and reputation in a different region to a private group of employees employed by a much larger organization, usually an MNC or Multinational Company. A franchise, in basic terms, is a successful company that has been expanded. It is carried out in the same way as the parent corporation.

The private operators that manage the firm are known as franchisees. A contract exists between the seller and the owner. Several franchise firm examples may be found all around us. Just a few examples are McDonald’s, Subway, Cafe Coffee Day, Starbucks, Domino’s, and Pizza Hut.

Process of Set Up A Franchise Business:

  • The franchisee must pay an upfront fee to obtain the company’s rights, methods, equipment, and marketing strategies, among other things.
  • You have access to the brand’s branded merchandise when you buy the rights to a tried and proven business method. Slogans, brand names, and logos, for example.
  • Apart from these exclusive rights, the franchisee may be granted a certain territory in which to market the franchisor’s services.
  • Furthermore, the period of time for which the contract will be valid will be specified in the contract.
  • The arrangement is usually for a duration of five to 10 years. In most circumstances, there is also the option to prolong the time period.
  • Once the company is up and operating, royalty payments are provided on a regular basis, either annually or on a case-by-case basis.
  • The overall sales of the franchise retail outlet determine the amount of royalty payment.
  • As a consequence, a contract will be signed between the franchisee and the franchisor.

Franchisee Business Advantages and Disadvantages

It is vital to understand the pros and downsides of franchising before obtaining franchise business rights.


Risk – The most major advantage of owning a franchised company is that you are investing in a tried and true business model. There is very little chance that the company’s profitability and expansion will be jeopardized.

Training — When you buy the franchise company rights, you get access to training on the technology that the successful firm is presently using, so you can get hands-on experience with the tried-and-true business system’s approaches.

Marketing Strategy – Managing a business demands using a number of marketing techniques. The franchisor’s already-in-use business techniques and marketing materials will surely provide you the push you need to grow your organization quickly.

Support – The franchisor provides a variety of services to the franchisee. Not only will franchisors assist you with the tools and techniques they use, but they will also aid you in finding a good location. The worth of a good site is measured in terms of profits, which are split between the franchisee and the franchisor.

Connections and ties – It’s possible that another brand has had similar issues to yours. Of course, speaking with other franchisees about and discussing your concerns might help you obtain a better knowledge of the company’s goal and approach.


Initial charges – The first payment required to obtain the business’s rights is known as a must fee. It’s the cost of getting a license. Although the fees vary from one brand to the next, they are almost equivalent. It is really expensive. It normally ranges from a few thousand to many crores.
The payments of royalties are made on a regular basis. It is calculated based on the total sales of that particular store. It must be paid on a consistent basis, whether monthly or yearly. They might contribute to anything from 5% to 12% of total monthly sales.

You must follow the rules – You must follow the pre-determined rules and limits even after owning the franchise. The taste of Domino’s or Pizza Hut would have been different in various places of the globe if there were no restrictions to follow.

Budget for marketing – Marketing techniques aren’t cheap. Marketing dollars have a price tag attached to them. It’s possible that the franchisee will be forced to pay 1% to 2% of total sales.

If you ever decide to sell your franchise, bear in mind that the buyer must first get approval from the franchisor. You can’t simply sell your business to anybody.

Franchise Vs Own business

One of the most often asked topics among investors is if a franchise is preferable to starting a firm from scratch.

The potential to access an already established market is the most appealing characteristic of a franchised business. Growth and profit-related risks have been greatly lowered for you. It’s quite advantageous, particularly if you’ve never worked in a company before.

The first few years of starting a company from the bottom up might be difficult. According to a report, just 1% of new businesses in India have a chance of surviving.

As a result, while selecting between the freedom of starting your own business and the security of a franchised company, one must make an educated decision.


Although the notion of starting a new company is alluring, the chances of success are slim. If you don’t have a reliable team to handle various company obligations, a Franchise Firm makes a lot of sense.

Consider investing in dependable accounting software to help you manage your accounts right away.

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