How to stop sharing your location without them knowing

How to stop sharing your location without them knowing, iPhone location share problem

iOS users do without a doubt have fewer customization options than Android users. As a result, you won’t be able to change many iPhone features and functions, even if doing so would be really beneficial to you. in this post we will explain How to stop sharing your location without them knowing.

When you use an iPhone, the operating system and a number of applications reveal your location to make things easier and more enjoyable for you.

Some applications, on the other hand, abuse your location data and sell it to third parties. As a result, your privacy may be jeopardized when it comes to your whereabouts.

If you have a spying app installed on your iPhone, it may continually track your movements and report back to everyone watching your phone. So, in this piece, we’ll show you how to stop sharing your location with others without their knowing.

How to stop sharing your location without them knowing?

You can hide and change your location on your iPhone using a number of different methods. It’s a good idea to hide your location if you don’t want people to know where you are.

Changing your location, on the other hand, maybe handy for accessing specific features in some applications, such as gaming apps. In your area, these benefits might not be accessible. As a consequence, depending on your requirements, you may choose from the options below.

Method 1: Enable airplane mode on your phone.

In a number of situations, you may choose not to receive calls, texts, or other communications. You don’t want to connect to any adjacent devices under these circumstances.

To put it differently, you want to disconnect your device from the internet totally. Pretend you’re at a business meeting, talking on the phone, or taking a break. In this case, you can utilize Airplane Mode, an iOS feature.

By setting the device to Airplane mode, you may disable all of the device’s connections. Every smartphone on the market includes this capability as a standard. This is a simple strategy to follow even if you’re a first-time iPhone user.

Type 1: Using the Home and Unlock Screens to turn on Airplane Mode

Simply swipe up when you’re on the lock or home screens. If you start from the bottom up, your iPhone’s Control Centre will display.

Following that, the top box displays an Airplane symbol. All you have to do now is tap on it. The Airplane Mode is turned on when the symbol becomes brighter and darker blue.

Type 2: Making use of the Settings program

To begin, switch on the phone and go to the home screen, and tap “Settings.” The top block of the Settings should now reflect Airplane Mode. By default, it is not switched on. I

f you could activate it by swiping right on the sign, that would be great. Airplane Mode will be enabled as a consequence.

Disable the “Share My Location” option with Method 2.

You must disable the Share My Location option on your iPhone to stop your location from being shared with friends and relatives.

This is a method of avoiding accidentally disclosing your whereabouts to others. People in your near neighborhood are more often than not interested in spying on you. To do this, follow the instructions below:

Launch the Settings app on your iPhone. When it opens, scroll down the list of options until you locate and select the Privacy option.

When the Privacy Settings screen appears, choose Location Settings and the choice to Share My Location. Turn off the option to Share My Location to prevent your information from being shared with everyone.

Method 3: Disable Find My App from disclosing your location.

Find I am a smartphone software that allows you to track down your lost items. This application was created to allow you to communicate your current location with relatives and friends.

Your location would be shared with all those phones in your reach if this option is turned on.

The Find My app’s objective is to track down a stolen or misplaced smartphone. You can use another iOS device to track down your stolen smartphone, for example. If you wish to disable this function, just cease sharing your location.

Method 4: Change your smartphone’s location using a different iOS device.

The iPhone’s useful function allows you to share your location with another iOS device. To make it work, you’ll need to enable location sharing on one of your devices. Below are some easy ways to finish it.

To get started, turn on your phone and go to Profile. Then select “Share My Location” from the drop-down list. It’s also a good idea to turn the light on.

On your iPad or any other iOS device, you should be able to share my location immediately. You might also use another iOS device to look for the “Find My” app. Following that, you should be able to determine your current location.

Then you may look through the list of persons who are in your vicinity. Then choose the ability to share the location from the list.


What choices do I have if I want to relocate?

Select Data & Customization at the top of the screen. Tap Location History in the “Activity controls” menu. Change whether Google location data from your account and all of your devices is shared with your profile. Use Location History is toggled on or off at the top.

What is the best way for me to track down my iPhone?

To begin, open your iPhone’s “Find My” app and go to the “People” page. Choose “Share My Location” and type in the name or mobile number of the person with whom you wish to share your location. Click the “Send” button to send a message.

Is it possible to send a message to a bogus address?

To send a false WhatsApp location, download the program False GPS Location for Android (or any other app you see fit). You may also use any other app that you deem appropriate. In both circumstances, the procedures are similar.


I hope you’ve covered the many methods for How to stop sharing your location without them knowing. . Sharing a location with others when it isn’t required is unnecessary and might waste your phone’s battery. As a result, you should take every precaution to preserve the privacy of your whereabouts.

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